Ashvale Station

At Ashvale Station, we run approximately 1500 breeders and are moving towards running two seperate Droughtmaster herds, a pure herd for breeding replacements and a crossbreeding herd. We have purchased High Country bulls annually since 2015 both at auction and in the paddock.


These bulls, prepared on a silage based preparation, have been taken straight from the sale and worked solidly in staggered matings. They have never missed a beat and have proved to be everything we wanted and more. Looking just as good as when we purchased them, they had high conception rates, especially in the first 28 days of joining and were bloody good workers.


Calving ease has also been impressive. We have never specifically picked “heifer bulls”, but all of the bulls have produced small calves, born like spaghetti that pile on the weight and grow like mushrooms. This year, the first of our High Country blood heifers will be mated and I can’t wait to see how they go. A tremendous line of females with great growth for age and conformation, they will of course be mated to High Country bulls because we are 100% confident of their calving ability.

David Thallon

Ashvale Station

Temperament is another massive benefit to our operation. It is unreal! Not only are the bulls awesome, but the calves are second to none. The bulls are no fuss at all when handled in groups or on their own and the calves are sensational, showing common sense from the moment they are weaned. I am greatly looking forward to having a Droughtmaster breeder herd greatly influenced by the High Country bloodlines. Their doing ability, high fertility and impeccable temperament make them a pleasure to work with.


Paul, Lisa and their daughter Steph run a tremendous operation, taking the time to get to know their clients needs and working hard to fulfill that order. They breed real cattle for the real world, surpassing our expectations, doing as they claim in a working environment and not just the showring.


David Thallon, Ashvale Station, Harlin Qld.

High Country Colossal - Purchased by Mirrakar Droughtmasters, then we purchased him back three years later as one of the last Ridley sons

Simto Droughtmasters

We have been buying High Country unjoined heifers since their very first sale. We have found High Country heifers adapt and perform great and are extremely easy to handle both in the yards and out in the paddock. Paul and Lisas personal touch after sales service is terrific.


 Thank you Tony and Chantal Ludwig




Nindethana Droughtmasters

We have purchased a number of joined and unjoined High Country females and have been thrilled with their performance. They are extremely quiet, easy to handle and an absolute joy to have in the paddock.


Highly fertile, they calve easily, milk well, and have each produced quality calves, the most notable of which is Nindethana Henrietta who has been a successful member of our show team during the 2016 and 2017 show season, winning multiple broad ribbons including Junior Champion heifer at 2016 Royal Queensland Show. We have also been extremely happy with how easy the PP team is to deal with and the wonderful after sales service.


Bronwyn Betts & Michael Hawkins, Nindethana Droughtmasters, Camp Mountain Qld.

Nindethana Henrietta winning Junior Champion at the 2016 EKKA

Michael Hawkins and Bronwyn Betts

Nindethana Droughtmasters

Nindethana Jello out of High Country Cotton Candy

Mirrakar Droughtmasters


“I would like to personally say thank you for taking the time to show me around your property and cattle, and also for allowing me to purchase the heifers I could not have asked for any better quality and temperament. I was very impressed with the superiority of the stud sires you are using and it is definitely showing in the progeny (both male and female) that you are producing with such consistency within the stud. I am also equally impressed with the job that your breeding females are doing with the calves. I would also like to say the before and after sale service I received was second to none. It's the small details like this that makes people happy and want to keep coming back, so keep up the great work.”


Josh and Amy Steinhardt—Mirrakar Droughtmasters,