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Photo used with permission from Kent B Ward.

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Glenlands Quarry - polled

Sire: Comanche Chief

Dam: Glenlands 4743

We welcome Glenlands Quarry, Lot 1 from 2013 Glenlands sale for $16000. We believe he is one of the most complete sire packages that had been offered that year.

At 31 months, he weighed 1050 kgs with an EMA of 137 and scans of 17 and 13 and scrotal circumference of 39.5. Amongst his many show winnings, he was the calf champion at Beef 2012 and is thick and long and stands on excellent bone. He has a very tidy underline and shows impressive mobility for a bull of this size. We are excited at the prospect of introducing such a sire into our herd and eagerly await his progeny.

Semen morphology tested 90% normal.



Bundy Eldorado - scurred

SIRE: Vale View Roper

DAM: Bundy Ariat

Eldorado was purchased from the 2016 DN Sale for $30000. Outstanding growth for age, length, softness and skin, with an incredibly strong head, perfect underline and great legs and feet. An incredible young sire he boasts 967 kg at 23 months of age with fats 14/13, EMA of 131, 38.5 scrotal and 81% morphology. This, together with an absolutely bomb proof temperament has made him a true stud sire and we are excited to await his first calves.

Semen morphology tested 81% normal.

Click on Chiefs image to see his progeny


Oasis Chief - polled

SIRE: Lamont Inmate

DAM: Oasis Retreat

Chief was purchased for $25000 at the 2015 DN sale. Sired by the outstanding and highly sought after Lamont Inmate, he had all the traits we are chasing. Incredibly rare to find, he has the combination of heavy bone, brilliant underline together with length and a polled head. Chief is the unique mix of all of these traits. 28 months, 926 kgs, 44 scrotal circumference, 140 eye muscle area and 15/10 in the fat. A big growthy sire, with an excellent temperament and conformation with soft skin, tropical coat and the ability to finish even with his outstanding muscling.

Semen morphology tested 92% normal.


Oasis Wallace - polled

SIRE: F.C.C. Archer

DAM: Oasis Hope

Wallace ticked all the right boxes for us this year. He was a standout in his pen. Thick, heavy boned and with the type of head we are aiming for, incredibly strong, polled and with a good broad muzzle. He showed real thickness through the spine which followed right through to his hindquarter. His sheath was very tidy and had a great scrotal circumference of 41 cm.

We believe he will give some real punch to his calves. At 28 months, he was 922 kgs, with fat of 14 and 10, EMA of 138 and scrotal of 41 cm. His first calves will be due August 2015.

Semen morphology tested 88% normal.


Fortrus Energiser - scurred

Sire: Anglezed Commandante

Dam: Lorayne Ria

Energiser was purchased as a calf at foot at the Fortrus dispersal. As he developed, we knew we had something special. Conformationally perfect, long, above average frame and good weight for age, with beautiful balance, length hip to pin, tidy underline and standing on excellent legs and feet. We believe he will be the ideal cross over our wealth of Xavier heifers who with their softness, feminity and content are the ideal breeders.

Semen morphology tested at 93% normal.



Glen Fosslyn Idol - polled

SIRE: GF Exelby

DAM: GF Empress 7

Idol was purchased for $16500 as the top priced Glen Fosslyn bull at the 2015 sale. An outstanding young bull, we were immediately impressed with his perfect sheath, strong polly head and overall structural correctness. He stands on excellent feet and bone, is well fleshed, but with great softness and a brilliant temperament.

Added to this are his outstanding breedplan figures which have him in the top 5% of the breed for 400 & 600 day EBV's. At 24 months, he was 763 kgs,with fat of 9 and 6, EMA of 115.

Semen morphology tested 94% normal.














Oasis Buster - polled

SIRE: Minlacowie Johan

DAM: Oasis Stormbird

Buster was purchased at the Angle Zed Droughtmasters dispersal, where he had been a prominent sire originally purchased for $20000 and producing sons to $13000.

His calves at this sale were obvious standouts. They were incredibly long with clean underlines and thick hindquarters and were highly sought after by buyers.

We were impressed with his substantial bone, strong muscle pattern and temperament and believe he will be an outstanding asset to our herd.

At original purchase as a two year old he was 954 kg, with scans of 12 and 8 and an EMA of 134 cm.

Semen morphology tested 82% normal.


Craiglea Inferno - horned

Sire: Oasis Walter

Dam: Billabong Raita

Another brilliant addition to our sires. Craiglea Inferno. At only 22 months, this easy doing, honey coloured youngster tipped the scales at 834 kgs, with 124 EMA, the perfect sheath and is sired by the impressive Oasis Walter.

Inferno will be used to breed beautiful soft, wedge shaped, higher content replacement females and is an exciting addition to our stud.


Nindethana Hannibul - polled

Sire: Bryvonlea Malachi

Dam: Wundaburra Miribel

Purchased at the DN sale in 2017 for $23000. We had waited to purchase him since seeing him as a three week old calf. At sale date, his figures were impressive, 22 months, milk tooth, 866 kgs, semen morphology 77%, fats 11 & 8, 47cm scrotal, EMA 125 and a very strong polled head and excellent underline. His dam is one of the most typey and consistent Droughtmaster females we have ever seen. Fertile, deep, wedgy, with an excellent udder, she has produced 8 calves in 8 years with all of her heifers retained.

Semen morphology tested 77% normal.


Locarno Lennox - polled

Sire: Medway Oombabeer

Dam: Locarno Bronte

Purcased for $20000 at the 2017 DN sale. What a standout!!! At only 22 months, this young bull got our attention with his perfect polled head, brilliant underline and temperament and sealed the deal with his excellent weight for age 850kgs and impressive 142 EMA and 42 scrotal and 94% morphology. Not overdone, with fats of 14 & 10, his thickness, smoothness through the shoulders and excellent feet makes him an exciting addition to our sire battery.

Semen morphology tested 94% normal.


Yaralla Satler - polled

Sire: Yaralla Norton

Dam: Yaralla 127/2

Purchased at the 2017 DN sale for $22000. His overall structural correctness and carcass traits made him an obvious and worthy acquisition for us. An impressive youngster, polled, 23 months, 45.5 scrotal, 85% motility, 132 EMA, fats 13 & 8, weight 734 kgs. Perfect legs, feet and mobility and selected from a herd known for their excellence in both commercial hoof and hook competitions as well as their strong emphasis on fertility. We look forward to seeing his first calves.


Billabong Xavier -scurred

Sire: Billabong Nevada

Dam: Billabong Iantha

Xavier was the top priced bull $17000 at the 2012 Billabong Droughtmaster Sale. His sire line is one of Billabongs most successful and predicatable bloodlines, going back to the outstanding Kapalee Goldfinger and producing three of their leading sires; Billabong Rockafella, Southern Comfort and Jack of Clubs. He caught our eye with his depth, bone, muscling and overall classical type and sealed the deal with his bombproof temperament. At 23mths, he was 780kgs, had the highest IMF% of the sale at 5.5% and EMA of 120cm.

Semen morphology tested 93% normal.



Photo at 14 months of age


Billabong Castlemaine - scurred

Sire: Billabong Winchester

Dam: Billabong November 2nd

Billabong Castlemaine was purchased as a calf at foot at the Billabong dispersal specifically to source one of the last Billabong bloodlines we were still chasing. Sired by Billabong Winchester, this young calf has exceeded our expectations and will be retained as a sire. Showing incredible bone, fleshing and sire appeal, he is currently 607 kgs at 16 months and will be joined this year to selected females. We look forward to his first calf drop next year.

Semen morphology not yet available as we have not yet collected him for freezing into straws.

High Country Edward - scurred

SIRE: Billabong Xavier

DAM: Balmoral Ridge Kate

Stud sire appeal, presence, length, depth, mobility and softness oozes from this bull. A standout since a calf, his outstanding growth rate together with his strong breed characteristics and structural correctness made him an impressive sire. He has been judged by many including David Bassingthwaite from Yarrawonga Waco Santa Gertrudis who said” He stands on good bone with incredible thickness through the spine to the hindquarter with excellent depth of body, good tropical skin and strong breed character”

Semen morphology tested 82% normal.



High Country Conqueror - polled

Sire: Billabong Ridley

Dam: Kapalee Jealousy 9

Chosen as an outstanding weaner, Conqueror shows all of the muscling and strong topline of his sire, whilst maintaining length, overall structural correctness and an outstanding temperament. He has an excellent sheath and testicles and is extremely fertile with a crush side semen test of 90%. He has brilliant EBV's and is out of one of our most consistent dams. She is a very well fleshed female, with an excellent udder and has an EBV of +6 for milk. We look forward to seeing his first calves.

Semen morphology tested 83% normal

High Country Colossal - polled

SIRE: Billabong Ridley

DAM: Karragarra Gillian

Colossal was sold to Rockside Droughtmasters in 2014 and he was one of two Billabong Ridley bulls that we were impressed with that year. As Ridley is now 12 years old, we grabbed him quick when he came back up for sale and he will work along side Conqueror to carry on the Ridley line. Like his sire, he has brilliant semen quality, strong polled head, is long with a great underline and excellent eye muscle.


High Country Factor - scurred

SIRE: Glenlands Quarry

DAM: Lake Moogerah TR631

An outstanding son of Glenlands Quarry, we retained him from our 2015 drop. Long, incredible thickness, heavily hooded eyes, tidy underline, perfect legs and feet. He is out of a very fertile cow that never missed a beat, with a wonderful udder and temperament she passed on to Factor. At two years of age, he has EBV's in the top 5% of the breed, 200 days +19, 400 days +28, 600 days +40, milk +5. He had a scrotal circumference of 38 cm and an EMA of 138.

Valera Vale High Roller - polled

SIRE:Valera Vale Bruiser 301

DAM:Valera Vale 9804

Purchased as a 17 month old at last years Valera Vale sale for use over heifers. He caught our eye with his softness, thickness, strong homozygous polled head, length and exceptionally good sheath and sealed the deal with his impeccable temperament. First calves are born small and thicken up quickly. He was used in staggered matings both at High Country and at our co-operative breeders this year and held up brilliantly. Semen morphology tested 87% normal.

High Country Bronco - polled

SIRE: Huntly Iceman

DAM: Minlacowie Julliette 6668

Originally sold to 3D Droughtmaster in 2013, he was offered to us when 3D had kept the majority of his heifers and could no longer use him. We jumped at the chance. He has grown into a massive bull, with a brilliant underline, good polled head, strong bone and excellent feet and has left behind a wealth of soft, deep, magnificent heifers with his brilliant temperament. We have been so impressed with them, we have also purchased some of his heifers from the national sale.


Billabong Ridley - polled


Sire: Hillside Park Isaac

Dam: Billabong Maydena

A Billabong Godfrey grandson, from a Kapalee Goldfinger granddaughter. Purchased for his length, eye muscle, temperament and the outstanding quality of his progeny. His bulls show excellent muscling and thickness with tidy underlines and excellent temperaments. His females are soft, easy doing, with volume and femininity. His consistency over all types of females and his gentle temperament has made him an outstanding asset in our herd.

Semen morphology tested 90% normal.


Clonlara 14212 "Sherlock" - polled


SIRE: Clonlara Digger

DAM: Clonlara 1250

Chosen specifically to breed us replacement females, this higher content youngster has excellent semen quality with 95% crush side and 87% normal morphology. This trait is directly linked to fertility, as bulls with high numbers of morphologically normal sperm have been shown to reduce their daughters inter-calving interval. He also has an outstanding +8 EBV for milk, another trait that we select highly for in our breeder herd. He has the highly sought after combination of loose skin, great tropical coat, whilst still maintaining a tidy underline. We believe he will breed us a line of feminine, soft and fertile females.

Semen morphology tested 87% normal.



Clonlara 14116 "Jacob"     - polled

SIRE: Huntly Kane

DAM: Clonlara 10198

Another growthy young polled sire from Clonlara Droughtmasters. Showing excellent length, bone, underline and balance. At only 22 months, we felt he had real lift and scale, with 87% normal morphology, tidy underline and strong sirey head. We believe he will mature into a very impressive sire.

Semen morphology tested 87% normal.





Click on Quebecs image to see his progeny



Minlacowie Quebec - scurred (deceased).

SIRE: Minlacowie Kingston

DAM: Minlacowie Missy 4045

With his softness, growth, skin type and thickness, Quebec was a standout. Posessing all of the length and style that Minlacowie are famous for, he was the top price sire $12500 for their 2012 DN Sale draft. Sired by the multi grand champion; Minlacowie Kingston, his similarity to his sire has us looking forward to his first drop of calves in 2013. At 20 mths he was 794kg with an EMA of 127. Unfortunately, Quebec was culled in 2015 after being injured on a fence whilst fighting.

Click on Zeemans image to see his progeny


Billabong Zeeman - horned

Sire:Billabong Landmark

Dam:Billabong Karlotta

Zeeman is in the top 5% for 200,400 and 600 day weight. He shows outstanding weight for age, length, thickness, has a tidy underline and eye catching sirey outlook. Again from one of Billabongs most predictable bloodlines, we are looking forward to Zeeman adding frame and length to his calves. At 25 months, he was 866 kgs, with an EMA of 125 and a 40cm scrotal circumference.


Click on Watsons image to see his progeny


Billabong Watson - scurred

Sire: Trafalgar Palestine

Dam: Billabong Gable

Purchased at the 2011 Billabong sale for $12500, Watson was chosen for use over heifers and did a great job, with his calves born quickly and unassisted. His dam is one of Billabongs most successful females (dam of $20000 Billabong Jackpot) and by Trafalgar Palestine, one of Billabongs leading sires. He had excellent EBV's and growth for age, was structurally correct with good legs and feet, had a very tidy underline, good scrotal circumference, a slick tropical coat and sirey outlook. His first sons sold to $4500 at auction with excellent EBVs and average EMAs of 131 cm at two years of age.