Gatton Show 2017

We had a spectacular day at Gatton Show today with over 50 Droughtmasters on display. We were very proud to win:-


Fairy Floss - Supreme tropical female, Senior and Grand Champion Droughtmaster female and 1st in her class from 9 heifers. Judges comments ' A moderate, highly functional female that is feminine and tidy and you know will go on to have a long, fertile and productive life'


High Country 'S' Fabian - Senior and Grand Champion Droughtmaster bull and 1st in his class from 4 entries (he was the youngest in the class). Judges comments 'A long, brilliantly balanced bull with a strong polled sires head, smooth long muscling, well layed in shoulders and showing all of the structural characteristics for longevity'. HE SOLD AS LOT 9 FOR $9000





High Country 'S' Fabian - Sired by High Country Conqueror

High Country Fairy Floss - Sired by Oasis Wallace

High Country Golden Girl - Junior Champion heifer and first in her class of 12 heifers. Judges comments - 'A beautiful, soft, feminine heifer with an abundance of skin that caught his eye the minute she entered the ring'


High Country Game on - Junior Champion bull and first in his class of 13 bulls. Judges comments - ' A long, very balanced young bull with evenness of muscling through his whole body and an excellent tidy underline'.


High Country General - 3rd in the same class of 13 bulls. Judges comments - ' A bull with a strong polled head, great length and softness'.


High Country Goondiwindi Moon - 3rd in the class of 12 heifers. Judges comments - ' A very growthy young female, with strong maternal characteristics'.


Second in the Tropical Breeders Group from 10 groups.


Toogoolawah Show 2017

High Country Game on - Sired by Glen Fosslyn Idol

High Country Golden Girl - Sired by Glen Fosslyn Idol

STUD CATTLE JUDGING at Toogoolawah was equally enjoyable today. All the classes are now interbreed classes with Droughtmaster, Brangus, Brahman, Simbrah, Senepol and Santas in together. This makes the classes huge and the wins even more impressive.


Under judge Ben Adams from Dangarfield Santa Gertrudis, his comment on our breeders group was " An even line of commercially driven, practical, honest cattle that will go out and do a job in the real world, brilliant for either breeding pure lines or for crossbreeding". We thank him for his comments as this confirms what we are aiming to breed.


1st : Tropical Breeders Group

1st : Tropical heifer 6-12 months (in a class of 12)

2nd : Tropical bull 6 - 12 months (in a class of 15)

2nd : Tropical heifer 16 and under 20 months

3rd : Tropical bull 20 and under 24 months


For General and Goondiwindi moon, winning first and second in the baby calf classes, this was their first show after being broken in this week!




Toogoolawah Show 2017



Fantastic day in the prime cattle judging at Toogoolawah show yesterday.


1st & 3rd in Class 30: Single grainfed steer, suited to domestic market, under 480 kg liveweight, no permanent teeth


1st Class 38: Pen of 3 grain fed steers, suited to domestic market, under 520 kg liveweight, no permanent teeth


These steers were sired by High Country Chivas Regal, a bull purchased by Ross Tinney for $4500 at our inaugural Performance Plus sale in 2014.


Ross was so impressed with his calves when they started to hit the ground that he called us to come and look at them as weaners. They were thick and deep like their sire and we agreed, they were so good that we selected a few that day to prepare and show at this years Toogoolawah show.


Producing bulls like Chivas Regal has always been our goal. Affordable, commercially focused bulls that go out and do the job, breeding true and producing impressive offspring.


High Country Chivas Regal - sire of the winning pens of steers. Purchased from our first sale for $4500.

Lowood Show 2016

Our retained sire High Country Edward winning Supreme exhibit of the show