Half of the crowd at the 2017 sale

Steph with some of our 2015 sale bulls

Top Priced bull 2017 - High Country First Rate $27000 to Munda Reds WA.

The cars outside of last years sale

Jack Fogg (Auctioneer for Shepherdson and Boyd), Paul Laycock (High Country), Wayne York (Independant Auctioneer)

High Country Freeland $15000 to Major Droughtmasters

High Country Dominator - our top priced bull 2015

High Country Foundation $15000 to Corolla Droughtmasters

High Country Elton $12500 and top priced bull to Seymour Droughtmasters in 2016

High Country Ferrari and Flashback waiting for sale 2017

High Country Fearless and Foundation waiting for sale 2017

High Country First Mate waiting for sale 2017

High Country Elwood 2016 sale

Retained sire High Country Edward EKKA 2016

High Country Errol 2016 sale

High Country Empire 2016 sale

High Country Commando top priced bull 2014

High Country Ferdinand 2017 sale

Sale bulls 2016

Sale bulls 2016

Sale bulls 2013

High Country S sale bull 2017

High Country Bandit sold to Nalgar Droughtmasters 2013

High Country Sale bull 2016

Billabong Xavier replacement and sale heifers

Glenlands Quarry replacement and sale heifers

2017 cow and calf sold to Major Droughtmasters - top priced cow and calf

High Country replacement heifers

High Country Desperado 2015 sale bull

High Country Exceptional 2015 sale bull

Billabong Zeeman and his calves

High Country S Fondant by Glenlands Quarry

Young Idol calves

Young Oasis Wallace calf

Young heifer with her first calf

Young Billabong Xavier heifer

High Country Elwood at EKKA

High Country Edward - retained sire - Supreme exhibit of the show Lowood 2016

High Country Eve and Steph

View from the sale complex

Glenlands Quarry getting a drink

2017 sale heifers at the dam

Breeders at the breeder block

Bulls walking back to the yards

Breeders at the breeder block