We run a herd of over 200 registered breeders on our home properties at Eskdale, as well as being involved in partnerships with multiple co-operative breeders who run their own purebred Droughtmaster breeders, both registered and unregistered. Together with these breeders, we utilise our sires to complement their individual herds. These partnerships allow us to offer both stud registered and purebred commercial cattle from over 1000 breeders mated to over 37 registered stud sires.


We are proud to partner with these fellow breeders to ensure we can offer a vast array of bloodlines, and tighten our selection pressure to ensure we offer only the very best of the calf drop each year.


Fertility is the leading key performance indicator in any herd with cows that miss calves representing lost income and a waste of resources. Ensuring fertility within our herd is paramount. We therefore have a fixed joining period between November and March with pregnancy testing carried out in late April. Empty cows are culled. Fixed mating periods are imperative to find and identify low fertility cows. Any cow can have a calf every year, but only a fertile one will calve and then get back in calf in a three month period.

Calving ease for us has always been extremely important and is a trait that Droughtmasters were originally produced for. For breeders to stay in the herd, they must calve unassisted and wean a good, healthy calf every year.  Any cow that requires assistance at calving is culled and any bull calf that is born assisted is castrated so as not to go on and cause calving problems himself. We do not have calving problems as a rule, having assisted 6 calves in the past 7 years. Small, easily born calves that grow rapidly are always our aim.




Mothering ability is also imperative. Wild dogs, despite our best efforts arrive more than we would like. We have only lost one calf in seven years. We have witnessed how our cows behave when these dogs do  harrass them and they show excellent wild dog aggression and do a brilliant job of guarding their calves.

Milk production, udder conformation and teat size are imperative to ensure those small born calves grow quickly. Longevity of our breeders and ensuring they have a full productive life is very important. Udder structure, feet structure, temperament and fertility are the main reasons that cows are culled early. We strive to select for all of these traits to ensure that heifers purchased from us, go on to lead long, functional lives.