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2016 Performance Plus sale preview

A sneak preview of some of our offering at this years PP sale. More photos will be added as we get closer to the sale date.

Evanna - Lot 63

Joined to Glenlands Quarry.

A very long, attractive heifer that catches your eye with her ample skin, frame and stylish conformation. She will be a substantial breeder, again joined to Quarry, the resulting calf will be one you will be proud of. Dam has produced 5 calves in 5 years. HC Bronco sold to 3D Stud, a steer, a commercial female, Evanna and a 2017 PP Sale Bull.

Elizabeth - Lot 64

Joined to Glenlands Quarry.

Femininity, depth of body, softness, skin, conformation & temperament in one of the best packages we have offered. Joined to Quarry, no better combination could you ask for. Potential to be a top breeder in any herd & one we are finding difficult to part with! Dam has produced 3 calves in 3 years. A replacement heifer (Full sister), Elizabeth & a 2017 Show & Sale bull.

Erica - Lot 65

Joined to Glenlands Quarry.

Length, thickness and softness combine in this heifer. She has impressed us since a calf and we believe that her mating to Quarry will add scale and bone and provide a potential stud sale bull or show female. Dam has produced 4 calves in 4 years. A paddock bull, HC Duke selling as Lot 46 and a yearling show bull


Ella - Lot 66

Joined to Glenlands Quarry.

Femininity, balance and scale summarises this heifer. With great conformation, she is set to be a breeder that can make a difference. Quarry, over this heifer, will produce plenty of potential. Dam has produced 4 calves in 4 years. A 2014 PP Sale bull, $7500 HC Dusty who topped our 2015 PP Sale Draft, Ella and a yearling heifer.




Daffodil - Lot 69.

Cow and Calf.

Sired by Watson, Daffodil carries her sires good tropical coat, length and strong head. She has a calf at foot by Glen Fosslyn Idol, a bull with a strong polled head, the perfect underline and breedplan figures in the top 5% of the breed. Dam has had 2 calves in 3 years. Daffodil and a retained female.


Daydream - Lot 70.

Cow and calf.

Sired by Xavier, she has always been an exceptionally quiet, long, feminine heifer and is also in calf to Glen Fosslyn Idol. Dam has produced 4 calves in 4 years. A 2014 Sale Bull, Daydream, HC Eve who was successfully shown and retained and a 2017 Sale Bull.



Fortune Cookie - Lot 75

Unjoined - Feminine, long and oh, so pretty. With perfect conformation, plenty of skin and a lovely strong head. Unjoined to join to the bull of your choice. Dam has produced 3 calves in 4 years. A paddock sale bull and a steer.


Fame - Lot 76

Unjoined - Start with a great canvas. This heifer has thickness, length, softness, the perfect underline and a great temperament. Broken into lead, here is your chance to join her to the bull of your choice and have a show unit to be proud of. Dam has produced 3 calves in 3 years. A sale heifer, Fame and a weaner.

Freesia - Lot 82

Unjoined - Freesia, the lead heifer of our weaner draft. A polled heifer with length, overall depth of body, softness, skin. Dam has produced 3 calves in 3 years. A retained female, HC Enhance selling as Lot 55 and Freesia.

Fudge - Lot 83

Unjoined - The first offering of our Oasis Wallace females. A heifer showing all the true characteristics of her sire with a strong polled head, fleshing, softness and depth. Her dam is one of our most consistent females, with two of Fudges sisters retained. 4 calves in four years, 2 retained females.,va 2014 PP Sale Bull and Fudge.

Freedom on the right - individual photo to follow

Freedom - Lot 84

Unjoined - Freedom, another of the Quarry heifers, shows great length of body, spring of rib and softness. Dam has produced 3 calves in 3 years since purchase. A retained female, a commercial and Freedom

Flora - Lot 85

Unjoined - A beautiful young female showing the depth, softness and maternal aspects seen throughout all progeny of Quarry. Dam has produced 3 calves in 3 years since purchase. A paddock sale bull, a commercial heifer and Flora.

Fawn - Lot 90

Unjoined - Fawn is a heifer that should not be missed. This heifer combines natural muscling and fleshing while still remaining feminine and soft. Dam has produced 3 calves. Two paddock bulls and Fawn.

Fairytale on the left - individual photo to follow

Fairtytale - Lot 91

Unjoined - Another vey true to type Wallace heifer. A naturally quiet heifer showing good length of body, loose skin and fleshing. Dam has produced 3 calves in 3 years. Two retained show heifers and Fairytale.

Photo to follow soon.

Fascination - Lot 92

Unjoined - A very soft young female with plenty of skin. Showing all the maternal aspects of a Xavier heifer with a clean polled head and a quiet temperament. Fascination is her dams first calf.



2014 National Female Sale


Lot 84 : High Country Cotton Candy


High Country Cotton Candy - sold for $2000 to Nindethana Droughtmasters - a beautiful lighter coloured heifer who has always been a stand out for us. Very similar to her dam, we believe she will go on to be a wonderful matron.


Lot 85: High Country Cherry Blossom


Cherry Blossom sold for $2750 to River Junction Droughtmasters. A lovely deep fleshy heifer who impressed us right from the start. We have high hopes for her. This will be the last heifer offered from Dahlia as we will retain her current and future heifers.


Cream of the crop sale

Coolabunia Saleyards November 30th 2013


High Country Cinderella - Lot 46

A lovely feminine heifer out of an excellent milking dam and sired by Vale View Oscar who is renowned for producing strong  female lines and excellent udders.


High Country Cassie - Lot 47 -

Again sired by the outstanding Vale View Oscar and out of a full sister to Vale View Slasher (Grand champion Droughtmaster at the 2010 Sydney royal show).


We are very pleased with these heifers. They are all out of dams that are fertile and milk well and are by sires that we value in our stud. All of the heifers are pregnancy tested empty and have been vaccinated for 3 germ tick fever, 7 in 1 (including this years booster), Pestivirus and Botulism. Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email if you have any queries.

High Country Champagne - Lot 48 -

A honey coloured, tall, stylish heifer sired by our lead sire Billabong Ridley and out of a very large, deep matron who was the top priced female at the 2011 South Burnett female sale.