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Billabong Xavier

Xavier has exceeded all of our expectations. He is our lead sire and consistently produces outstanding calves every year. He has a very high libido and is 2015 worked a 400 acre paddock in a single sire mating. His calves show true breed character with loose skin, great tropical coats, good strong heads and length. He has been semen collected and has an outstanding 91% normal morphology. He has been extensively used over both cows and heifers and stamps his progeny.

Bulls seen above - top Elwood, next Edward, then Extra Special, Edgar and Elroy. These will all be sold this year at the 2016 PP sale. The final bull Dartanyan was our lead show bull from 2015 and was sold at the 2015 sale.

Females above - Eve and then Epiphany both by Xavier.