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Watsons progeny


Sire: Trafalgar Palestine

Dam: Billabong Gable

Purchased at the 2011 Billabong sale for $12500, Watson was chosen for use over heifers. His dam is one of Billabongs most successful females (dam of $20000 Billabong Jackpot) and by Trafalgar Palestine, one of Billabongs leading sires. He had excellent EBV's and growth for age, was structurally correct with good legs and feet, had a very tidy underline, good scrotal circumference, a slick tropical coat and sirey outlook.

Watson was selected for use over our heifers and has proven to be a brilliant choice. He has sired calves to nearly 70 heifers and the calves are smooth and long and born quickly.

His bulls have outstanding bone and weight for age, with excellent scrotal circumferences and tidy underlines. High Country Calibre pictured at 23 months, 752 kg, 137 EMA, ADG from birth 1.02kg,
Fat scans P8 11, rib 8, IMF% 4.1.
EBVs 200 day +18, 400 day +30, 600 day +33.
An outstanding high yielding bull showing an excellent EMA together with softness and incredible thickness.

All of his calves have beautiful calm temperaments with attractive heads, brilliant sleek coats and plenty of skin. High Country Chivas Regal pictured sold at our performance plus sale for $4500. At 24 months, he was 685 kgs with an EMA of 130.

Cotton Candy sold to Nindethana Droughtmasters as an unjoined heifer for $2000 at the National Female sale 2014.


Watson has developed into a massive bull, towering over this years replacement heifers, but still able to be scratched in the paddock.


One of Watsons 2013 calves, showing great bone and a sirey outlook. Obviously getting enough milk as well!

His heifers are feminine and have beautiful tropical coats.