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Below are some of the bulls that will be at this years 2015 Performance Plus sale. We will keep updating this page as we get closer to the sale.

High Country Dartanyan sired by Billabong Xavier. A very long bull with excellent conformation and structure out of one of our most consistent females. His is a half brother to our top selling 2014 PP heifer $3000 Constellation.

A tidy underline, excellent legs and feet and a good scrotal circumference. Plenty of skin and a sirey head. One of the best we have bred so far.

High Country Decode sired by Billabong Watson. A very heavy boned bull with a quiet temperament and incredible weight for age. Photos don't do him justice.

He is an absolute standout in the paddock, the largest and heaviest of the young draft, but with a very calm disposition and outstanding hooded eyes and head.

High Country Diesel sired by Billabong Xavier. Naturally quiet since a young calf, he can be scratched all over in the paddock. He has good bone, plenty of skin, a great sirey head and wonderful breed character.

High Country Daytona sired by Billabong Ridley. One of the last Ridley calves, he has a very tidy underline, strong backline, great hindquarter thickness and the perfect polled head. He is out of a Calioran Reynold female, a lighter pigmented bull and very eye catching.

High Country Corporal by Ridley. A heavy, thick set bull with a great backline, sheath and polled head and out of an easy doing Hamadra Ringer heifer.

High Country Dundee by Quebec. Out of a very square female with a perfectly structured udder.

Dundee shows all of the bone, length and fleshing of his sire, together with a good sirey head, wide muzzle and and excellent conformation. An outstanding young sire.

High Country Dictator sired by Quebec. A bull with great length and a thick hindquarter and half brother to our sale topping $8500 Commando from the 2014 PP sale.

His dam is a Glenlands Imparja female we think very highly of with outstanding length and an excellent udder.

Ch-ching - Sired by Billabong Ridley. A long, polled, very heavy boned bull with great weight for age, out of a female we purchased for $5250 as an unjoined heifer. 29 months.

Dallas - sired by Minlacowie Quebec. A heavy bull with great capacity, out of one of our favourite Swan Ironman cows.

Camelot - Sired by Billabong Ridley. A heifers calf, polled, long and thick throughout, with an excellent temperament and can be scratched in the paddock.

Diehard - by Billabong Watson out of a Glenlands Millenium heifer. A well muscled young bull with an impressive hindquarter and topline.

Dunbar by Billabong Zeeman - out of one of our most fertile cows, a very long and deep bull with a good temperament. 18 months

High Country Diablo by High Country Bronco. A very quiet long and tall bull with outstanding weight for age, who was our heaviest weaner last year. He has a very tidy sheath and good scrotal circumference out of a lovely Castletower Jackpot heifer we purchased from Billabong.

High Country Dynamite - sired by High Country Bronco. Plenty of skin, length, a good polled head and stands very square.

Dimitri - sired by Billabong Ridley. A quiet, polled, very well fleshed bull with a great topline who would be a brilliant vealer bull.